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Sunflower husk pellets
Sunflower husk pellets are a type of biofuel made from the outer shell of sunflower seeds, known as husks or hulls. These pellets are produced as a byproduct of sunflower oil extraction. Here are some key points about sunflower husk pellets:

Renewable Energy Source: Sunflower husk pellets are considered a renewable energy source because they are made from agricultural residues, specifically the husks left after sunflower seed processing.

Composition: Sunflower husk pellets primarily consist of the outer shell or husk of the sunflower seeds.

High Energy Content: Sunflower husk pellets have a relatively high energy content, making them suitable for use as a biofuel. They can be used as a substitute for traditional fossil fuels in various applications.

Pelletization Process: The production process involves collecting and drying sunflower husks, followed by pelletization. The husks are compressed into pellet form, making them easy to handle, transport, and store.

Applications: Sunflower husk pellets are commonly used as a biomass fuel in heating systems, especially in pellet stoves and boilers. They can also be used in some industrial processes that utilize biomass energy.

Environmentally Friendly: As a biomass fuel, sunflower husk pellets are considered environmentally friendly because they contribute to reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources and help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Co-Firing: Sunflower husk pellets can be co-fired with other fuels in power plants, providing an additional avenue for their use in energy generation.

Pellet Quality Standards: Depending on the intended use, sunflower husk pellets may need to meet certain quality standards. These standards can include criteria such as moisture content, ash content, and pellet size.

It's important to note that the use of sunflower husk pellets and their availability may vary by region, and local regulations and standards should be considered when utilizing them as a biofuel.
Name of index
Standard document for the testing
Granules of cylindrical shape
GOST 13979.4
Different shades of gray
Characteristic of sunflower husk without extraneous smell
Granule size: - Diameter, mm - Length, mm
From 4 to 15 From 5 to 50
8 13-15
According to clause 9.3., DSTU 7124:2009
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances , %
According to GOST 13979.1
Volumetric (bulk) density, kg/m3, not less than
According to Appendix B
Amount of dust and scree (mechanical strength), %
According to 9.11
Ash content, % not less
According to GOST 11022
Heat of combustion (lowest) MJ/kg, not less than
According to DSTU 3528
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